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Bandit SG-40

The Bandit SG-40 is an aggressive, economical priced stump grinder engineered to be an all-terrain machine suiting the needs of multiple stump grinding professionals. Key features include: an aggressive cutter wheel drive system, enhanced operator visibility, efficient travel speed, and high manoeuvrability.

Operator controls are mounted on a 3-position console. So, no matter the position of the stump, you’ll be able to get an excellent view of the grinding action. Two joysticks control the travel of the unit, while a single, easy to use joystick controls all cutter wheel functions. This set-up allows an operator to efficiently control all functions increasing versatility and productivity.

Like other Bandit stump grinder models, two cutter wheel options are available. These choices include a Greentooth wheel with 8 teeth or a New Revolution wheel with 24 teeth.

A Kohler 38 horsepower EFI gasoline engine is easy to start, operate, and provides ample torque to power the cutter wheel through stumps of various sizes.

29' wide 740 Kg 38 hp

  • 18" diameter x 1/2" thick Bandit cutterwheel with 8 Greenteeth
  • 18" diameter x 1/2" thick New Revolution cutterwheel with 24 revolution teeth
  • Rubber track undercarriage
  • 3-position operator's console
  • Electric switch for cutter wheel engagement
29' wide 740 Kg 38 hp

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