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It's not just a name; it's a symbol of unyielding determination and rugged adventure. It's where the familiar collides head-on with the uncharted. Frontier thrives where the path fades away, and every stride forward marks a new beginning.

We forge portable sawmills with simplicity at their core, crafted to empower you to extract maximum value from your land and unleash the full potential of your projects. Whether you're a novice or a seasoned expert, our mission is clear: to provide affordable, top-notch machinery to the hard-nosed, self-reliant individuals who define the spirit of self-starters. Those who embrace the challenge, do whatever it takes, and finish the job the right way — their way.

Each Frontier sawmill is a testament to raw necessity. We equip them with everything you need to conquer your task. Backed by a legacy of relentless innovation and hands-on experience, supported by an unwavering one-year warranty, and delivered with no-frills, dependable service.

Frontier is here to empower you to achieve more on your own terms.

That's our narrative. Now, let's help you carve out your path.

We are only too happy to help,
whatever the enquiry. Give us a call or fill in our contact form.

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