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Start milling wood with a fully capable entry-level sawmill.

Ever wish you had your own sawmill to cut wood for your projects but couldn't quite justify it? Now you can. The Frontier OS23 is your answer.

It's rigid, rugged, reliable. The entry-level Frontier OS23 is ideal for the hobbyist. It handles logs up to 23 inches in diameter and smoothly cuts boards up to 20 inches wide. Standard, you can saw logs up to 11 feet long, or saw even longer logs, simply by adding extra 7 foot extensions. With the optional mobility system, the compact OS23 sawmill can be towed easily from site to site behind your ATV, car or truck. Designed with several patented inventions like the Auto-Locking Saw head and EZ Blade Tension for simple and user-friendly operation. Unlock the hidden value in your trees with a new Frontier.


  • Auto-Locking Sawhead
  • 9/8", 8/4", 6/4", 1" 3/4" Set Display
  • EZ Blade Tension System
  • Adjustable Blade Guide
  • Manual Blade Lube System
  • Log Dogging Clamp (x1)
  • Long and Short Log Rest (x2)
  • Levelling Feet (x10)

The OS23 is a rugged, reliable, and trustworthy portable sawmill that enables you to efficiently transform raw logs into custom-cut lumber on your own terms. This empowers you to maintain control over the quality and dimensions of the lumber, making it an invaluable asset for your construction and woodworking projects. At Frontier, we design simple, yet robust portable sawmills, crafted to help you maximize the value of your land and optimize your projects.

The patented infinitely-adjustable auto-locking saw head offers precise depth-of-cut control, simplifying your cutting process and saving time. One turn of the crank equals 1 inch of blade height adjustment.

The patented EZ Blade Tension systems allows for frustration-free blades changes by preserving critical bandwheel alignment when you tension the blade. When blade tensioning is easy your band blade changes are fast, allowing for more time milling.

The patented auto-locking adjustable blade guide allows you to make the blade width narrower and therefore more controlled on smaller cuts. This fast single-action system lets you quickly adjust the cut width to keep the exposed blade well supported while cutting various sized material, improving stability and reducing blade wander.

The log dogging and log-rest system securely holds a log on the sawmill log bed. The adjustable log dog clamp uses a screw-dog system to firmly hold logs or cants while cutting. Removable long and short log rest posts provide sturdy support for full logs and squared stops for partially cut logs. Built-in low-profile cant stops hold cants in line with the blade guides and can be used with the optional quick-locking cam dog system.

Ten micro-adjust levelling feet are included for ground-level stationary sawing to help ensure the mill stays stable for safe, accurate cuts. These can be used in conjunction with optional levelling legs to provide sturdy support for the log bed at a more comfortable working height.


Standard, the OS23 band sawmill log bed is 14 feet long (4.3 m), which allows you to makes cuts up to 11 ft (3.4 m) in length. To saw longer material, you can add optional 7 ft (2.1 m) log deck extensions. You can add multiple extensions in stationary configuration to cut logs of any length. If you want to add the mobility towing system to your Frontier, you can still add one 7 foot bed extension and have it supported with the mobility sub-frame extension kit.

Some sawyers have their own tractors or loaders. If you don't have access to such equipment, you have the option to enhance your setup with the available log loading systems designed for the Frontier OS23. This includes a ramp package for efficiently moving logs onto an elevated sawmill bed. To further streamline the process, you can complement it with a log winching system. This system facilitates the movement of logs onto the sawmill bed and includes a log turning hook for rotating heavy logs and cants and hold them firmly against the log posts for dogging

The saw head is pre-assembled at the factory, and thanks to the fully illustrated step-by-step manual with exploded illustrations, diagrams, and photographs, the rest can usually be put together in a single day. You'll only need a few basic tools, including combination and Allen wrenches, a ratchet with SAE and SI sockets, an adjustable wrench, a Phillips screwdriver, a drill, lubricating and engine oils, and a grease gun. Regardless of your skill level, Frontier Sawmills are designed to be user-friendly and easy to operate. We also provide toll-free support from the moment your Frontier Sawmill arrives, through your first cuts, and beyond.

With every Frontier sawmill, you receive a one-year consumer warranty. We will repair or replace, at our discretion, any part returned to us and found to be defective through manufacturing within the first year of the original purchaser’s ownership (except consumable items like belts, blades, bearings & clutch). The engine is covered under warranty directly with the engine manufacturer (two years by Briggs and three years with by Kohler). We back that up with a 30-day money-back guarantee. If your Frontier doesn’t do everything we say, simply return it to us within 30 days and receive a refund (shipping not included)*. *Not including used blades, damaged parts or restocking fees.

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