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Pezzolato PTH 30.70

Meet the Machine

The basic model of the range, with the sturdy structure of Pezzolato chippers, guaranteeing reliability and excellent performance.

The machine has been designed for ease of use by the operator and to reduce maintenance costs to a minimum. The main wearing parts are in fact specially designed for easy replacement, as well as having a low cost.

The chipper can be driven by tractor’s PTO or by autonomous diesel engine.


Thanks to the large hopper, large upper roller and to a lower roller that helps to pull the material inside the chipping apparatus, the machine can be fed either manually or with the aid of mechanical means. For manual feeding the chipper is equipped with a sturdy safety bar that keeps the operator safe during use.

The cutting system with closed drum and calibration grid that is interchangeable according to requirements, result in uniform and even wood chips suitable for domestic use boilers.

The discharge fan has a wide diameter so wood chips can be discharged easily through the discharge pipe, which is equipped with an adjustable deflector at the end.

Technical Specification

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