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Pronar MRW 1.300

"Global took the time to work with us..."

Richard Ryman: Greener Composting

Greener Composting based in Lichfield has recently taken delivery of a Pronar MRW 1.300 single-shaft shredder.

Greener Composting is part of a fourth-generation farming business based near Lichfield, Staffordshire and run by Richard Ryman. The emphasis at the facility is on providing a flexible service that works around the needs of the suppliers of waste to Greener Composting.

As an independent business, delivery schedules can be accommodated with advance notice. The waste is rigorously checked, sorted by hand, and monitored as the composting process takes place. The site currently takes all types of green waste and Greener Composting takes time to understand business’ waste and disposal needs to ensure that they receive the best service possible. They aim to produce a high-level product to put back into the agricultural environment.

The Rymans moved to the farm at Lichfield over 90 years ago, and it is now in its 4th generation, with a 5th generation hot on its heels! Ninety years ago, the farm was very diverse; pigs, sheep and cattle were farmed alongside arable crops. On arriving at the farm, a world-famous pedigree herd of Large White pigs (‘the Wall herd’) – progeny can still be seen picking up prizes around the country’s agricultural shows today! Sadly, the herd was closed down in 2001, and the farm had to find different ways to diversify and expand.

At this stage, the idea of composting was introduced by a family friend who had seen green waste sites operating in America. The large arable (wheat, rape, beans and potatoes) side of the farm could be run alongside the composting site with a perfect end use for the compost – as a green fertiliser/soil improver.

Greener Composting opened for business in 2003, and since then, the business has gone from strength to strength. Greener Composting now receives nearly 20,000 tonnes/year of green waste, which is cleaned and processed before being put back onto the land, thus completing its ‘green’ journey. The arable side of the farm has noticed a significant improvement in crop quality and yield since Greener Composting’s product has been used as a soil improver.

The finished product from Greener Composting stays on the farm where it is produced, thus continuing its environmentally conscious journey.  It is used as a soil improver for agricultural land, providing a valuable source of nutrients to the light Staffordshire soils at Wall. 

Greener Composting is delivering a natural process where the benefits of the end product can be seen directly in the farming business.  A positive approach to your waste disposal can help the natural environment with real results.

Greener Composting is an extension of a large family farm.  It has benefitted the arable side of the farm greatly, resulting in higher yields of all crops and a better organic content of the soil. 

Richard Ryman, owner of Greener Composting, explains that “Having decided we needed to replace our current shredder, we decided to take a look at all the shredders available on the market suitable for processing green waste.

We created a short list of brands that we felt might be worth looking at and planned to demonstrate them all. The only way to find out how good or bad a machine is, is to test it. We also created a series of metrics to make our decision, including fuel consumption per hour, tonnage per hour, ease of use and lastly, but more importantly who we felt would provide the best backup and support for the shredder.”

When the Pronar tracked MRW 1.300 shredder with 3 metre single shaft arrived on site, Richard’s first thoughts were how fuel-efficient the machine was. He explains that “The acid test was what tonnage we would process per hour.”

Jason Purllant from Global Machinery Solutions attended the demonstration and worked with Greener Composting to ensure they could achieve the final product sizing they needed

Sizing is crucial when producing a soil improvement product and having tried a few different setups during the demo, Greener Composting found the “sweet spot” where the tonnage was optimised and the final product specification was met. The Pronar 1.300 has 42 teeth across the 3 metre drum and so Global were confident the sizing or throughput would not be an issue.

“I was really impressed with the way Global took the time to work with us and listened to what we wanted to achieve,” Richard explains.

A decision then needed to be made as to which shredder the company would purchase. Richard saus that “Having evaluated all the machines, it was clear the Pronar MRW 1.300 was best suited to our requirements.

The shredder made lightwork of both the tree stumps and general tree waste, as well as the kerbside collected green waste.”

Commenting on its comparison to other options, Richard says that “The MRW 1.300, powered by the 550hp Volvo Penta engine with a 3-metre-long single shaft, produced the most tonnage per hour and used the least amount of fuel per hour compared to others. A magnet conveyor was fitted to the machine to remove any unwanted metal that might have found its way into the green waste.

You would be amazed at what people find in green waste kerbside collections. I’ve heard of everything from body parts to a spent artillery shell.

The machine was fitted with the Cleanfix reverse fan system for both the oil cooler and the engine cooler, ensuring that even in the hottest and most challenging conditions, the radiator veins remain clear and free from debris.”

As the sole Pronar distributor for the shredder range in the UK, not only do Global Machinery Solutions Ltd provide world-class machinery, but an unrivalled Parts and Aftersales service is also offered.  The company motto of ‘a sale is where the journey begins, not ends’ is backed up by a strong Aftersales presence, with an extensive team of mobile engineers located throughout the UK. Everything from machinery breakdowns to scheduled servicing is catered for, within a rapid response timescale.

The company boasts a well-equipped Parts Department with an extensive range of parts and substantial levels of safety stock to support VOR requirements, with an expert team including dedicated brand representatives, so that expertise is guaranteed.

With over £2.5M of parts in stock, consisting of over 7000 lines, Global Machinery Solutions ensures the supply of the right parts to guarantee minimum machine downtime.

Jason Purllant, Business Line Manager at Global Machinery Solutions, commented, “We are delighted to welcome Greener Composting as a customer and look forward to supporting their growth as a company. The reliability, versatility and developments that have been seen across the Pronar shredder range are really making them outperform other models on the market.”

If you want to know more about this success story, then get in touch with Jason at Global Machinery Solutions or Richard at Greener Composting.

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