Mobile Shredder – DRM650


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The DRM650 line is the synthesis of Camec’s experience in the construction of recycling machines: in this configuration, the double rotor is paired with interchangeable tools and the application of sorting grills that result in an output of constant and controlled size. All the measures and characteristics of the machines produced so far have been applied in this line to guarantee reliable and technological processing.

Specially designed for the expulsion of non-shreddable materials, the machine features an impact shut-off system that minimizes possible damage to the cutting edges by stopping the rotors if non-shreddable materials are introduced (i.e. thick metals greater than 5 mm that may block or significantly slow down the rotor).

The crawler makes it self-propelled using a diesel engine, putting this crusher at the top of Camec’s range. We have adapted the machine to the material and no longer the material to the machine.