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Bandit 1425T

Due to the popularity of the tow-behind model, a track version of the 1425 was developed. The track undercarriage increases versatility, allowing it to easily be manoeuvred and positioned. All track and grinding functions are controlled by a wireless radio remote control. A Caterpillar 308 steel track undercarriage offers a stable grinding platform for a variety of terrain.

The 1425 track is rated as a 14" capacity machine and features a 20" high x 25" wide mill opening.

The infeed is 24” wide x 7’ long and is configured with a rubber or steel conveyor. The 1425 has Bandit’s cuttermill that is 36” diameter and equipped with 14 teeth. A stationary discharge system with a stacking height of 7' is standard and a magnetic head pulley is available to separate nails for those grinding pallets. 

Key Features

  • Caterpillar 308 Steel track undercarriage
  • 36" diameter x 25" wide cutter mill with 14 teeth
  • 7' long x 24" wide infeed conveyor (steel or rubber)
  • 18" wide stationary discharge (7' approximate stacking height)
  • Feed Rate: 40 ft/min

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