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Jo Beau TA12 Towable Aerator

The Jo Beau® TA10 (914 mm (36″) aerating width) is ideal for commercial areas and large residences, while the TA12 (48″ aerating width) gives the extra capability to handle just about any situation. The aerator digs holes in the lawn. Two independent tine rotors with 32 or 40 interchangeable closed hollow pins of 13 mm (1/2″) provide superior manoeuvrability around corners and tight areas.

✓ Pull rod
✓ Wide aeration roller
✓ 40 aeration pins
✓ Optional weights
✓ Two protective buffing wheels


Optional weight containers ensure optimal soil penetration. Tip wheels allow the TA10 and TA12 to easily pass through narrow openings. The rugged design of these aerators offers years of low-maintenance productivity.
All Jo Beau machines are built according to the valid European guidelines and have a CE-certificate. All machines are supplied with manual and parts list.

Technical Specification

  • Working width : 1219 mm (48 In)
  • Working depth : 0- 76 mm (0-3 In)

  • Power : Min. 18 Hp
  • Drive : Mechanical - by tractor (tractor, quad)

  • Dimensions (LxWxH) : 1422 x 1486 x 711 mm (56 x 58.5 x 28 In)
  • Weight : 93 kg (206 Lbs)
  • Drive traction : Towed by tractor, quad
  • Chassis : Powder-coated steel
  • Knife transmission : Industrial v-belt
  • Number of tines : 40
  • Aerating pattern : 111 x 250 mm (4.4x9.84 In)
  • Detachable weights : Standard 6 x 20L (5 gal)

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