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Jo Beau BC 26 Brush Cutter

The Jo Beau® BC26 brush cutter is a mean machine underneath that stylish cover. Its formidable single steel cutting blade is powered by a 13 Hp Honda GXV390 engine. Its Hydro Transaxle drive with enhanced Traction Control and its intuitive "twist grip" motorcycle operator control, tames this beast into the most manoeuvrable and easy to use machine on the market. When it comes to capability, the BC26 is second to none with its unique leading edge design that provides superior cutting performance that destroys saplings.

✓ Self-propelled
✓ Large tractor tread tyres
✓ Extremely easy to manoeuvre
✓ For rough terrain
✓ Variable speed

Technical specification

  • Cutting width : 660 mm (26 In)
  • Cutting height : 90 mm (3.5 In)

  • Brand & type : Honda GXV390 - 1 cyl. 4-stroke
  • Power : 7,6 kW (13 Hp)
  • Drive : Petrol engine
  • Consumption : 2,5 L/h - 3000 RPM

  • Dimensions (LxWxH) : 2002 x 735 x 1030 mm (78.8 x 29 x 40.5 In)
  • Weight : 143 kg (316 Lbs)
  • Drive traction : Hydrostatic w/ Enhanced Traction Control
  • Knives : Single /double edge
  • Chassis / Turbine : Powder-coated steel
  • Ground speed : Progressive - Forward: 0-6.5 km/h - Reverse: 0-3.2 km/h (4 mph-2 mph)

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