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Jo Beau E200

The E200 pro-chipper with its powerful electrical 5,5 Kw engine (400 V/3~ 50 Hz - 10.5 A > 3x380V / 3x220V) has been specially designed both for inside and outside applications. The E200 combines without any problem environmental friendliness with the secure Jo Beau® drum technology™. The low, ergonomic infeed hopper with a height of 73cm guarantees a smooth branch machining, with a diameter of 6cm until a capacity of 2,5 m³ chipping/hour.

✓ Ecological
✓ For inside and outside applications
✓ Low infeed hopper with wide inlet opening
✓ Very easy handling
✓ Big air tires
✓ Only 62cm wide
✓ Hinged infeed hopper for easy maintenance
✓ Unique Jo Beau drum technology ™
✓ Drum ball bearings in heavy industrial version
✓ Hardened rotating knives✓ Several options available 


Thick and strong branches are drawn without any problem and automatically into the inlet opening of the chipper by means of the unique Jo Beau drum technology™. The high speed of the knife drum does not only produce a never seen machining speed, but also nice wood chips ejected from above the device. Consequently, the drum technology™ guarantees three things: branches and green are drawn inside, the branches get chipped and the wood chips are ejected. Very simple indeed!

This very powerful Jo Beau chipper, as the smallest model for the professional, is a strong, stable & safe device. You can equip the wood chipper according to your own needs with options such as detachable piece lifting eyes and leakage free tyres.

All Jo Beau devices are built according to the valid European guidelines and are equipped with a CE-certificate. All machines are supplied with a manual and parts list.

Technical Specification

  • Max. recommended diameter : 60 mm (2.36 In)
  • Capacity chips (average) : 2,5 m³/h (88,29 ft³/h)
  • Processing speed (average) : 25 m/min (82 ft/min)

  • Brand & type : 3x400V / 3x230V
  • Power : 5,5 kW
  • Drive : Electric engine
  • Consumption : 400 V/3~ 50 Hz - 10.5 A
  • Noise level Lw (A)

  • Dimensions (LxWxH) : 1780 x 620 x 1140 mm (70.08 x 24.40 x 44.88 In)
  • Feed height : 810 mm (31.89 In)
  • Feed intake opening (LxW) : 490 x 490 mm (19.29 x 19.29 In)
  • Weight : 128 kg (282.19 Lbs)
  • Chipper Technology : Jo Beau Drumtechnologie™
  • Chassis / Infeed hopper / Ejector chute : Powder-coated steel
  • Knives : 2 hardened, reversable blades
  • Counter blade : 1 (4x reversable)
  • Drum transmission : Industrial v-belt

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