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Jo Beau M600

The Jo Beau® M600 GORILLA™ features power and compactness in one machine and is unseen!

This wood chipper easily processes branches with a diameter of around 18cm into nice usable wood chips. But what is particularly striking is that the machine is 'only' 80cm wide! This unique combination allows you to reach virtually any job due to its compact dimensions, while still processing large diameters of wood (but also small ones ;-)).

✓ Compact & large diameters
✓ Stabilising X-tracks™
✓ Feed roller and anti-stress
✓ Ergonomic & adjustable feed height
✓ Wireless radio control
✓ Electric start
✓ 40hp EFI petrol engine
✓ Unique Jo Beau Drum Technology™
✓ Hardened rotating blades
✓ Compact for transportation


The feed hopper can be moved up and down hydraulically to make the feed height as ergonomic as possible for the machine operator. The wide feed-in opening of 68 cm and a feed-in height of 62 cm is designed for an even larger volume of side branches and greens.

The well-known Jo Beau® drum technology™ is combined here for the first time with an indestructible feed roller and the no-stress system that feeds in the branches incl. greens at the pace of the engine. On the M600 GORILLA, we opted for a powerful 40hp Vanguard EFI two-cylinder petrol engine with cyclone filter according to the latest ecological technology. EFI stands for "electronic fuel injection". The controlled fuel injection is linked to the engine load. This creates numerous advantages:› More torque, higher performance under load

› More stable speed
› 25% less petrol consumption
› Better combustion with less emission
› No choke anymore
› Less noise
› No leaking carburettor during transportation

Another remarkable fact is that the Jo Beau M600 GORILLA is equipped with "Stabilising X-tracks™" (separate diagonally extending tracks), which make it possible to set up the machine in a compact yet stable way! But in doing so, it also allows you to use this wood chipper on sloping surfaces and slopes and still keep the machine horizontal during the chipping itself!

The wood chipper comes with a radio remote control to move the machine & operate the 'Stabilising X-tracks™' as well as the feed hopper.

All Jo Beau machines are built according to the valid European guidelines and dispose of a CE-certificate. All machines are supplied with manual and component list.

Technical Specification

  • Max. recommended diameter : 180 mm (7.10 In)
  • Capacity chips (average) : 17,65 m³/h (623,30 ft³/h)
  • Processing speed (average) : 14m/min (46 ft/min)

  • Brand & type : B&S Vanguard - 2 cyl. 4-stroke
  • Power : 29,90 kW (40 Hp)
  • Drive : Petrol engine - EFI (electric fuel injection)
  • Consumption : 8,9 L/h - 3600 RPM
  • Noise level Lw (A) : dB(A)

  • Dimensions (LxWxH) : Transport position: 2530 x 800 x 1961 mm / work position: 2796 x 1400 x 2188 mm
  • Feed height : Lowest position: 890 mm / Middle position: 1250 mm / Highest position
  • Feed intake opening (LxW) : 680 x 620 mm (26.80 x 24.41 In)
  • Weight : 855 (1885 Lbs)
  • Chipper Technology : Jo Beau Drumtechnologie™
  • Chassis / Infeed hopper / Ejector chute : Powder-coated steel
  • Knives : 2 hardened, reversable blades
  • Counter blade : 1 (4x reversable)
  • Drum transmission : Double industrial V-belts on electromagnetic coupling
  • Drive traction : Hydraulic - tracks > 0-1,5 km/h
  • Fuel supply : Removable metal jerrycan 20L
  • Brakes : Hydraulic
  • Dimensions excl. ejection tube (LxWxH) : Transport position: 2530 x 800 x 1961 mm / Work position: 2796 x 1400 x 1531 mm
  • Hydraulic feed roller : "Jo Beau-Grip" - Above/horizontally
  • Power control : "Jo Beau-No-stress system"

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