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Pezzolato PTH 250.500E

This chipper is specially designed and dedicated to woodchip gasification plants.

Unlike traditional medium-small size chippers on the market, the PTH 250 ENERGY is able to produce larger wood chips than the standard using a particular and innovative cutting system which also limits the production of particulate matter.

It is operated by 55 kW electric motor.

The expulsion of the chips takes place via the discharge belt with a rubber band, 3 metres long, able to evacuate material up to 2.10 meters in height.

Chipping dimeter and declared production are variable according to the available power, wood type and chips size.

Electric motor power

55 kW / 74 hp


Max chipping diameter soft wood

250 mm / 9.84''


Max chipping diameter hard wood

180 mm / 7.09''


Drum width

370 mm / 14.57''


Drum diameter

500 mm / 19.69''


Maximum inlet passage

370 x 250 mm / 14.57'' x 9.84''




Hourly throughput

15 ÷ 30


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