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Pezzolato PTH 900

Meet the Machine

Medium power machines within the Pezzolato drum chippers line, their drum diameter measures 660 mm.

They are differentiated by the width of the feeding mouth and wide opening of the upper roller (up to 60 cm). Ideal for producing up to 100 cubic meters of wood chips per hour, guaranteeing high yields.

Powered by tractor Power Take Off or provided with auto­nomous diesel engine.

The design of the conical hopper (without bottlenecks that tend to trap the material), combined with a catenary system able to move the material directly to the drum, allows feeding of bulk material.


The large fan (1250 mm) mounted directly on the drum shaft is able to work at a low speed (less than 600 revs) to help reduce dust and increase wood chip quality.

Each standard installation includes a single axis trailer which provides compactness and increases agility and manoeuvrability in tight spaces.

The wear parts of all machines are cost effective and simple to replace in short maintenance times.

The drum with cutting system interchangeable where required, makes these chippers ideal for the production of wood chips used with domestic boilers, large power plants or gasifiers.

The integrated computer suggests any ordinary and extra­ ordinary maintenance operations to be performed accor­ding to the manufacturer's maintenance plan.

Technical Specification

140 Hp / 103 kW 

280 Hp / 207 kW 

500 mm 

350 mm 

950 mm x 600 mm 

The Pezzolato PTH 900 offers a 4 knife configuration 

Up to 100 m3/h

660 mm 

950 mm 

950 mm 

2200 mm 

8500 Kg

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