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Pezzolato PTH 500

Meet the Machine

The smaller model of the 660 series of Pezzolato drum chippers.

This particular machine is ideal for those who produce wood chips as fuel for domestic heating systems, for agricultural tourism, hotels, greenhouses, schools, or for those who simply need to reduce the debris from pruning.

It can be can be driven by tractor’s PTO or by autonomous engine (diesel or electric) and it can be fed manually or using a mechanical loader


The entry of material is facilitated by a feed conveyor inside the hopper (on request a second feed conveyor can be supplied for the hopper tipper).

The combined action of the belt and upper roller facilitates the introduction of bulk material, even using mechanical loaders.

Routine maintenance and the replacement of knives can be performed extremely quickly and easily thanks to the “total” lifting of the feed roller.

Technical Specification

80 Hp / 59 kW 

150 Hp / 110 kW 

400 mm 

The Pezzolato PTH 500 offer 2 different knife configuration ranging from 2 - 3 knives

20 - 30 m3/h

660 mm 

480 mm 

500 mm 

550 mm 

500 mm 

500 mm x 400 mm 

3200 kg 

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