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Pezzolato PTH 1300/1500

It’s one of the largest drum wood chippers ever built in Europe. The drum chipper weighs 7 tons, has a width of 1300 mm (4′ 3.18”) and a diameter of 1500 mm (4′ 11.06”).

The machine is able to chip very hard and dry wood logs up to a meter in diameter and realize uniform and big size wood chips with a productivity untill 400 m3/h.

The maximum inlet passage is 1300 x 900 mm (4′ 3.18” x 35.43”). The chipper is driven by a CATERPILLAR, 12 cylinder 1150 Hp engine and the wood chips evacuation takes place by rubber discharge belt, foldable for transport and able to download the wood chips up to almost 5 meters (16′ 4.85”) in height.

The whole machine has been set up on a trailer for towing at 80 km/h and it is complete with radio remote control to manage remotely all the chipper’s functions.

Chipping dimeter and declared production are variable according to the available power, wood type and chips size.

Diesel engine power

CAT C18 563 KW - 755


Diesel engine power

CAT C27 783 KW - 1050


Max chipping diameter hard wood

900 mm / 35.43''


Maximum inlet passage

1300 x 900 mm / 4' 3.18'' x 35.43''




Hourly throughput



Drum diameter

1500 mm / 4' 11.06''


Drum width

1300 mm / 4' 3.18''



36000 kg / 79366 lbs


Hopper length



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