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Pezzolato S9000

Middle-great dimension machines, studied for the disposal of the organic waste (for compost production) and of the wood scraps (for biomass production).

They can be driven by the tractor’s PTO or by an autonomous diesel or electric motor.

Their capacious hopper and their high performance confirm these machines as ideal to operate in municipal ecologic areas, for third parties and for professional compost producers.

A conveyor belt with closed chains, placed at the end of the hopper, together with a toothed roller, conveys and presses the material towards the action of the hammers.

These machines have a special shredding mechanism, including a rotor, which, operating from the top down, brings the material against a fixed plate, assuring a fine and uniform fiberisation
of the material.

The rotor, composed by many discs positioned side by side, minimizes the risk of rupture in case un-processable material is accidentally introduced in the machine.

According to the usage purposes, different types of hammers can be mounted (standard or Widia reinforced).

An electronic device adjusts the feeding of the material to be shredded, according to the available power.

A rubber discharging conveyor or a deflector for the discharge to the ground are included in the standard fitting of this version.

Minimum tractor power

90 hp / 67 kW


Diesel engine power

205 hp / 153 kW


Electric motor power

90 kW / 120 hp


Hopper dimensions

3500 x 1800 x 800 mm / 11' 5.79'' x 5' 10.87'' x 31.50''


Width of measuring roller

1000 mm / 3' 3.37''


Dosing roller max opening

350 mm / 13.78''


Chopping chamber diameter

780 mm / 30.71''


Loading chain dimensions

3000 x 1000 mm / 9' 10.11'' x 3' 3.37''


Number of hammers


Hammers thickness

12 mm / 0.472''


Hammers peripheral speed



Hourly throughput

30 ÷ 40


Overall dimensions

7900 x 2300 x 3000 mm / 25' 11.02'' x 7' 6.55'' x 9' 10.11''


Weight PTO machine (std model)

6000 kg / 13228 lbs


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