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Pronar MRW 2.75G

With UK waste processors diversifying into multiple waste streams including rubble and demolition materials as well as other normal waste streams, the Pronar 2.75g asynchronized twin shaft shredder would become a valuable asset to enable processing of multiple materials using one machine.

Being able to “quick change” shaft configurations from rubble and concrete versions to waste within approx 1.5hrs makes this machine truly versatile.

Program changes between asynchronous and synchronous modes are quick and easy with four customizable programs allowing operators to rapidly process different materials. with a full remote control system moving and operating this machine is a one man process  

The added bonuses of having hydraulically actuated shredding chamber doors enables operators to change product sizing at the push of a button, a Hydraulic tipping hopper enables loading shovels to be utilized for feeding the machine and the extra-long extraction conveyor allows for high stock piling keeping the process as compact as possible.

Powered by 7.7ltr Volvo engine producing 281bhp this robust and yet compact machine stands out from other branded equipment of this type in the industry.

Key Features

6642 mm  x 2491 mm x 2990 mm 

16,500 Kg 



1550 mm 

2750 mm 

1620 mm x 2340 mm 

2,5 m3

Volvo Penta 7.7l, 210 kW, Stage V

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