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Pronar MRW 2.65G

The Pronar MRW 2.65 slow-speed shredder is a machine designed for companies that value the mobility and versatility of the equipment. Various types of easily replaceable shafts are available, allowing the shredder to be adapted to the task at site. Thanks to the hook lift frame (in accordance with the DIN 30722-1 standard) and the tracked chassis, it is possible to easily transport the machine to the workplace, and then move around.

Due to its compact size, Pronar MRW 2.65 can work wherever space is limited. This also makes Pronar MRW 2.65 great for rental. The 240 HP Volvo Penta engine installed in the machine allows for smooth operation with various materials. Optimally matched with load sensing hydraulics for the main components of the machine, low fuel consumption is guaranteed.


Key Features

6967 mm  x  2276 mm x 2639 mm 

17,000 Kg 



1550 mm 

2500 mm 

1620 mm x 2340 mm 

Volvo Penta 5.1l, 175 kW, Stage V/Tier 4 Final

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