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The Porta Mill PM14 was especially created for woodworkers looking for a chainsaw that provides reliable and consistent performance while giving the ability to easily relocate it. This is your ideal solution if you need to mill lumber and beams in very remote locations, or if you need to move your mill from site to site by small or even if you need to tuck your mill away for storage.


  • Height Adjust Saw head Crank
  • 2", 1" and user scale/40, 27, 15 mm
  • Throttle Actuator
  • Cantilevered Carriage
  • Track Sweepers
  • Log Rest/Log Dog Assemblies (x2)
  • Adjustable Outrigger Arm
  • Ladder Anchors (x2)
  • Chain Guard

Don’t be fooled by its practicality, the PM14 is also very comfortable to use, for example: you can adjust the height of the push handle and easily control-squeeze to saw / release for idle, thanks to its handle-mounted throttle which permits easy activation of chainsaw at the push handle.

The PortaMill PM14 still amazes by its ability to transform your everyday chainsaw into a fully capable sawmill. Its unique throttle actuator is a Norwood patented mechanism that fits all chainsaws. The compact design allows you to move it around and process logs on-site, right where they fall, increasing your productivity at every cut.

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