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Designed to outperform the competition and to be the most versatile portable sawmill in the market - with up to 30 custom options - the HD36v2 can cut logs up to 36" diameter with ease while delivering consistent, high-quality results every time.

Featuring a robust design and advanced features - such as auto-locking saw head and optional hydraulics and computerized setworks -- the LumberPro HD36V2 is our most versatile sawmill with 30 available custom options, more than any other in the market. This impressive customization is complemented by its powerful motor and precision cutting technology that can handle even the toughest logs with ease, while delivering consistent, high-quality results every time


  • Auto-Locking Sawhead
  • 2", 9/8", 6/4", 1"
  • 3/4" Set Display
  • EZ Blade Tension System
  • Adjustable Blade Guide
  • Dura-Guide® Ceramic Blade Guides
  • Automatic Blade Lube System
  • Duradeck® Log Deck
  • Stainless Steel Bunk Covers
  • Movable Log Clamping Stations (x2)
  • Laterally-Adjustable Log Rests (x2)
  • Quick-Lock Cam Dog

The Lumber Pro HD36V2 packed with many unique and innovative features, including the Sawyer-Assist technologies. Its quick-set log rests are fast and easy to use with one-handed vertical adjustment, and single-action retraction of log rests saves you time and aggravation.

The Moveable Log Clamping Stations allow you to quickly change log clamping positions along your log deck to mill ultra-short or ultra-long logs. They are designed for rapid-repositioning and can be moved to available extra receivers installed along the bed. Lastly, the patented infinitely adjustable Auto-Locking Sawhead gives you full depth-of-cut control while sparing you 2 time-consuming operations per cut (versus choice-choking, dimension-limiting pre-set cogged systems).

Thanks to its oversized bandwheels measuring 20 ¼“ x 7/8” (50cm x 2.2 cm), the ultra-wide surface area of the HD36V2’s commercial-size cast-iron, precision machined and balance bandwheels minimizes blade cupping, maximizes the cut width and delivers maximum bald support for truer cuts and extended blade life.

Gas and electric options. Your choice of power. Whether you're looking to mill specialty cuts, slice off high-value slabs, or output some serious board footage, LumberPro HD36v2 offers four different powerplants—including the powerful 23hp V-twin Vanguard packing 627 cc of displacement, and a high-powered 15hp (11kW) electric motor. Whatever your operation, the LumberPro HD36v2 has the right power for you.

Measuring 20-1/4" x 7/8" (50 cm x 2.2 cm), the ultra-wide surface area of the HD36V2's commercial-size cast-iron, precision-machined and balanced band wheels minimizes blade cupping and delivers maximum blade support for truer cuts and extended blade life.

Quickly change log clamping positions along your log deck to mill ultra-short or ultra-long logs. Designed for rapid-repositioning, log clamping stations can be moved to available extra receivers installed along the bed.

Super-productive in its manual configuration, step it up even more by adding yield-boosting attachments. In fact, LumberPro HD36V2 offers more customization options than any other sawmill on the planet. Build up your HD36V2 with hydraulic log loading, rolling, clamping and toe boards. Power it up: Add remote-control power-feed, power sawhead or intelligent setworks.

Powerful cam dogs bite hard and lock fast in both logs and cants

Fast, one-handed vertical adjustment, auto-locking and single-action retractor of log rests saves you time and aggravation. Safely and quickly mill irregular or knotty logs using the laterally and adjustable log rests that you can move towards, or away, from the fixed blade guide.

Engineered for maximum strength and torsional stability, Norwood's HD36v2 Duradeck® is built to get the job done. Its twin-laminated roll-formed high-strength steel rails with steel plate debris-shedding cross-bunks handle even extreme loads. Extremely functional, the Duradeck also accommodates all Sawyer-Assist® hydraulic and manual attachments for unparalleled modular versatility.


  • Norwood backs up its equipment with a 30-day money-back guarantee and stands behind every Norwood band sawmill with a 2-year warranty

  • Yes, you can. All Norwood band blade sawmills have an available optional mobility system that will allow you to tow your sawmill from job to job through your woodlot right to your milling site

  • Many sawyers have their own tractors or loaders. If you do not have that kind of equipment, you can add one of the optional log loading systems available for Norwood sawmills. The Lumberpro HD36V2 offers manual and hydraulic options.

  • When fully assembled, the LumberMax HD36V2  is 20' (6 m) long and 6'7" (2 m) wide. When setting up the mill ensure there is at least 15' (4.5 m) of firm, level ground around each side of the equipment.

  • The Norwood Lumberpro HD36V2 is shipped in knock-down form on a pallet which helps to significantly reduce shipping costs and means they can get into even remote locations. This shipping method enhances your flexibility to order a customized sawmill that perfectly matches your milling requirements.
  • Global Machinery Solution LTD also offer to build the Norwood HD38 and deliver for an additional cost.  

  • Assembly is simpler and faster than you might expect. The HD36V2 operator's manual includes comprehensive, step-by-step instructions, along with photos, illustrations, and exploded views to guide you through the process. Assembling your sawmill will also provide you with a deep understanding of its inner workings.

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