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Norwood Lumbermate LM30


Created to endure and perform day in and day out, the Lumber Mate LM30 is as reliable as it gets. Regardless of the conditions or the workload, it will cut through the toughest challenges thanks to its advanced blade technology and intuitive controls

The Norwood LumberMate LM30 is a highly dependable precision sawmill with a rugged frame and a wide range of powerful motor options, perfect for turning logs into high-quality lumber. With its advanced blade technology and intuitive controls, the LM30 is a must-have tool for the serious woodworker. Our widest selection of gas engine options makes it the ideal choice for milling hardwood and softwood timber.


  • Auto-Locking Saw head
  • 2", 9/8", 1", 3/4" Set Display
  • EZ Blade Tension System
  • Adjustable Blade Guide
  • Roller Blade Guides: Adjustable/Fixed
  • Manual Blade Lube System
  • Log Dogging Clamp
  • Log Rest (x2)
  • Levelling Feet (x10)

The LumberMate LM30 comes with many gadgets that add up to a pleasant and productive session. Like the versatile log clamps: twin vertical-adjust, 3-function log rests optimize clamping of your sawlogs, cants and boards, and solid-steel log dog. Or the Levelling Feet: ten micro-adjust levelling feet for ground-level stationary sawing that come standard with every LM30 machine. And the Log Dog Set Bar: patented quick-set bar, that takes the guesswork out of clamping your cant low and clear of the blade’s path, so you can make your last cut. Jump into the world of the LM30 and discover these and many more features that will allow you to process your timber with confidence.

Raw power rules when you are muscling through oversize logs and tough hardwoods. The LumberMate LM30 with its available 18 HP-V twin engine, beats other sawmills in its class with a displacement volume of 570 cc. You think this engine is too big for you? Not a problem at all. The LumberMate LM30 lets you decide from 4 different engine sizes to better match your needs, from soft woods – like white pines – to very hard woods – like red cedars - this sawmill will adapt and cut precisely what you need.

The LumberMate LM30 features industry-leading Sawyer-Assist® technology, so you can process your timber with confidence. Patented features include infinitely-variable auto-locking sawhead, EZ-blade tension for frustration-free blade changes, available auto-blade lube and rapid-dogging/rolling system. With Sawyer-Assist, nothing can match a Norwood.

Patented infinitely-adjustable auto-locking sawhead (versus choice-choking, dimension-limiting pre-set cogged systems) gives you full depth-of-cut control while sparing you two time-consuming operations per cut.

Raw power rules when you're muscling through oversize logs and tough hardwoods. And the LumberMate LM30, with its available 14 hp Kohler engine, beats other sawmills in its class.

Patented laminated saw head with EZ blade tension system for fast, frustration-free blade changes and maximum torsional saw head strength.

Patented auto-locking adjustable blade guide - Fast single-action system eliminates two time-wasting operations each cycle.

Two 1-1/4" precision-machined, hardened and zinc-dichromate plated blade-guide rollers are fitted with sealed double ball bearings: One fixed, and one patented easy-adjust with quick-locking.

Twin vertical-adjust, 3-function log rests optimize clamping of your sawlogs, cants and boards, and solid-steel log dog.

With multiple customization options, build the perfect mill for your sawmilling adventure. Amp-up your LM30 anytime - Add a mobility kit for easy towing, log-loading ramps and winch system, and track extensions now, or down the road.


  • Norwood backs up its equipment with a 30-day money-back guarantee and stands behind every Norwood band sawmill with a 2-year warranty

  • Yes, you can. All Norwood band blade sawmills have an available optional mobility system that will allow you to tow your sawmill from job to job through your woodlot right to your milling site.

  • Many sawyers have their own tractors or loaders. If you do not have that kind of equipment, you can add one of the optional log loading systems available for Norwood sawmills. The LumberMate LM30 offers a manual log loading/rolling and ramp package

  • When fully assembled, the LumberMate LM30 is 20' (6 m) long and 6'7" (2 m) wide. When setting up the mill ensure there is at least 15' (4.5 m) of firm, level ground around each side of the equipment.

  • The Norwood LumberMate LM30 is shipped in knock-down form on a pallet which helps to significantly reduce shipping costs and means they can get into even remote locations. This shipping method enhances your flexibility to order a customized sawmill that perfectly matches your milling requirements

  • Assembly is simpler and faster than you might expect. The LM30 operator's manual includes comprehensive, step-by-step instructions, along with photos, illustrations, and exploded views to guide you through the process. Assembling your sawmill will also provide you with a deep understanding of its inner workings

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