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Precisely shape and plane beams & oversized boards with maximum efficiency, right on your sawmill.

The Log Moulder LX26 is an incredibly powerful addition to your milling operation. Equipped with a vertically-adjustable, horizontally configured cutter-head, the LX26 easily connects to the log bed of your sawmill, rolling smoothly along the length of the track, exactly like the sawmill carriage. It works right on your sawmill, mounting on the rails of your mill and enabling you to finish your beams immediately after squaring your log, all in one smooth step and without moving your wood to another machine. 


  • 13½ hp Briggs engine
  • 8" x 4-13/16" (20 cm x 12 cm) Cutter Head
  • Cutter Head Height Crank Handle
  • Push Handle Throttle
  • Drum Brake System
  • Depth of Cut Scale
  • Track Sweepers
  • Adjustable Carriage Wheels
  • Powder-Coated Chassis

• 23.75" (60 cm) (LM30 & MN27)
• 21" (53 cm) (HD38 & HD36V2)

• 19” (48 cm) (single drum)
• 27” (69 cm) (with 2nd optional drum)

• 4.75" (12 cm) (LM30 & MN27)
• 2" (5 cm) (HD38 & HD36V2)

  • 13½ hp (420 cc) Briggs & Stratton recoil-start engine

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