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Pronar MRW 1.300G

The single shaft, slow speed 1.3 series machine for shredding multiple waste streams including, green/ biomass, wood, bulky waste, plastics to name a few. The direct driving system for the shaft means maximum fuel efficiency can be obtained with high product outputs.

 This coupled with the various end product sizing options that can be obtained using the 3 piece basket system or spring lifters making this machine more than just a pre shredder.

Obtaining homogenous output sizing from 100mm to 300mm is complemented by the use of a 13ltr Volvo Penta engine with 543bhp powering the 3m long shaft with 42 bolt on knives against the retractable anvil door. This retractable door enables easy service access to the complete shredding chamber keeping down time to a minimum. 

Fully remote controlled, the machine can be tracked and put into operation quickly and efficiently. Coupled with the lower running costs of the traditional hydraulically driven equipment, the 1.3 series is a great solution.

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