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Pronar MRS 1.53

PRONAR MRS 1.53 mobile high-speed shredder is a perfect machine suitable for shredding green waste, wood or wood waste intended for the production of biomass or adding to compost. The shredder is equipped with a 530 hp Volvo Penta engine that drives the shredding shaft through a torque converter and belt drive. This type of drivetrain minimizes power loss. Powerful shaft (weighing about 2500 kg) with 36 knives works at 1000 rpm. This allows you to achieve very high work efficiency and different sizes of the fraction of material being shredded. The size of the fraction can be easily adjusted by exchanging sieves placed under the shredding shaft. Innovative sieve production technology, consisting of cutting them with water cutters out of steel with special strength parameters significantly increases the durability of these elements.

Key Features

24,000 Kg 

12,000 mm x 2550 mm x 3750 mm 

100 km/h 

Machine Specification

  • Hydraulic front support leg
  • Clean fix fan 
  • Remote control 
  • Lights in the engine compartment 
  • Removable rear bar 
  • ABS and Traction Control 
  • 700L fuel tank 

  • Ball coupling 
  • Magnetic separator 
  • Working area additional lighting 
  • Knives for shredding different material 

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