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Pronar MRW 2.10.10

The Pronar 2.1010 takes the tried and tested synchronized twin shaft concept to a new level of performance. The robust chassis design ensures extended life span, the layout of engine and drive train allow easy access for inspection and service of this 44 ton monster.

The tracked chassis allows for quick, easy and safe movement around the worksite with the aid of radio control with most other auxiliary systems also controlled via the remote system, giving the machine an efficient “ready for work” attitude.

785 BHP of Volvo Penta power gives the 2.5m long shafts plenty of torque to process all types of waste material including wood, bulky waste, green waste, pops waste and a host of other specialist waste streams for customers requiring high tonnage output coupled with a homogeneous fraction size.

The output fraction size is customizable for the customer with the different shaft options being 10/10-10 fine cut or 8/8-6 course cut  and beaker bar options giving a varied output size range of 100-300mm depending on material.

The high strength steel used for all the cutting surfaces inside the shredding area allows for good life spans coupled with lower maintenance costs making this machine the Ideal option for the UK waste industry.

Key Features

9470 mm x 2000 mm x 3230 mm 

44,000 Kg 


2440 mm 

3230 mm 

2440 mm x 2880 mm

4,5 m3 

Volvo Penta 16.1l, 585 KW Stage V

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