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Shred-Tech ST-300

Once your company acquires the high-quality Shred-Tech® ST-300 Industrial Shredder, you will be able to experience an improvement in efficiency. This heavy-duty shredder machine is engineered for optimal performance and versatility, making it the ideal choice for any shredding company. It provides you with the power to effectively tear through some of the tougher materials, such as steel drums, auto and truck tires, municipal and industrial waste, mattresses, wood, and more. Offering a heavy-duty throughput of up to 3 tons per hour, this shredder can increase your workload to keep up with the constant demands of the shredding industry. It is an excellent model that is designed for maximum use for a variety of applications and for optimum shred size.

The ST-300 Industrial Shredder is engineered by our experts for optimized efficiency. It features a large cutting chamber and works excellently on 40” x 65” sized material so that it can easily handle the bulkier loads without interrupting the workflow. It comes available with dual 50, 75, 100, or 150 HP electric motors. The shredder machine also features several design refinements that increase the ease of maintenance and shredder durability. Its new cast steel body design can withstand the tougher loads while the bulkhead walls and labyrinth barriers at the end of the cutting chamber protect the bearing and seal. This combination of expert manufacturing has resulted in superior durability and higher service factors for the industrial shredder.

Standard Features for the ST-300

For optimal usage, the ST-300 Industrial Shredder is equipped with a number of standard features that help improve the overall performance of the machine. These components are each designed to provide maximum support to guarantee greater serviceability and versatility. These configurations, which include the biting knives, durable hex shafts, and user-friendly control panel, are manufactured to not only meet but surpass your expectations. In addition, the industrial shredder has sectional cleaning fingers, which are removable from the top, and a lightweight chamber plate that ensure quick and easy cutting chamber disassembly for faster and simpler maintenance.

Optional extras

If you would like to experience the ST-300 Industrial Shredder at maximum use, we offer a variety of optional accessories that work well with the shredder machine. These components are each designed to provide optimized support to keep the shredder working at top capacity. The options include a durable hopper, convenient in-feed and out-feed conveyors, and a supportive stand. To learn more about how Shred-Tech® can provide you with other optional accessories that can help you create the ideal industrial shredder for your company, you can easily contact the Shred-Tech® sales team.

You can witness the superior workmanship of Shred-Tech® engineers just by looking at our hopper. This high-quality component is designed to work with the rest of the ST-300 Industrial Shredder to make the job much easier for you and your workers. It is wide enough to accommodate larger products, guiding them right into the shredder machine. It is also engineered to be durable enough to take on the rougher materials without easily bending or denting.

The in-feed conveyor and out-feed conveyor are both engineered to provide you with much more convenience during the shredding job. The in-feed conveyor transfers the products directly into the shredder, keeping your workers away from the blades. The out-feed conveyor then distributes the shredded remains away from the machine. Whether you decide to choose one or both options, they each work flawlessly with the rest of the shredding system.

For an increase in support, we recommend that you include the high-quality stand for your ST-300 Industrial Shredder. This is a very large shredder machine, but our heavy-duty stand is more than capable of supporting the entire weight of the system. It offers better stability and security while on the job.

Technical Specification

  • Throughput: >3t/hr
  • Size of Material (LxW): 40" x 65"
  • Shred Size/Fraction Size: Strips (Inconsistent)
  • Drive: Electric
  • Number of Motors: 2
  • Knife Thickness: 1 5/8", 1 7/8", 2 1/3", 2 7/8"
  • Number of Knives: 43, 34, 27, 22
  • Knife Diameter: 20"
  • Hex Size: 6 5/8"
  • Distance Between Shafts: 15"
  • Cutting Chamber (LxW): 65" x 40"
  • Discharge Height: 48"
  • Hopper Height: 50"
  • Application: Wood
  • Application: Plastic
  • Application: Metal
  • Application: Paper
  • Application: E-Waste
  • Application: Medical Waste
  • Application: Tires & Rubber
  • Application: MSW
  • Application: Textile & Carpet
  • Application: Pallets
  • Application: Aluminium
  • Application: General Waste
  • Application: Computers
  • Application: Batteries
  • Application: Alkaline Batteries
  • Application: Nickel Batteries
  • Application: Lead Batteries
  • Application: EV Batteries
  • Application: Lithium Ion Batteries
  • Shredder Horsepower: 100-300 HP

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