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Shred-Tech STQ-100

The powerful STQ-100 Industrial Shredder from Shred-Tech® offers some of the highest shredding capacity we offer with a vast range of allowed materials, heavy-duty quad shaft design, and high-performance components to help you take your business to the next level. With the ability to process bulk loads of wood, plastic, metal, paper, E-waste, medical waste, tires, and much more, you have a nearly full-range shredding and recycling solution available for a variety of daily applications. Having a complete solution like the STQ-100 can effectively reduce your operating costs since you don’t require multiple shredder types in your facility. Across all material types, this shredder offers an average throughput of up to about 5,055 lbs. per hour, which allows you to manage heavy-duty shredding applications with ease and efficiency. Companies seeking a durable, cost-effective, and complete piece of industrial shredding equipment to help scale their business and open up opportunities for segment diversification can look to the STQ-100 Industrial Shredder as an ideal solution.

The STQ-100 Industrial Shredder permits the largest material size for shredding during the in-feed process at 41" x 59", which allows you to shred more material per day for increased productivity and revenue. This shredder’s design creates consistent, uniform shredded material particles for a smooth out-feed process and more predictable and manageable unloading and cleanup. When you purchase the STQ-100 Industrial Shredder, you not only receive a piece of high-performance industrial shredding equipment, but also the dedicated support of Shred-Tech® experts whenever required. With a range of services including maintenance, repairs, parts replacement, financing options, and more, you can count on Shred-Tech® to help drive your business towards profitability and long-term success. The STQ-100 also comes standard with a 1-year or 2,000-hour warranty to protect your investment.

Standard features for the STQ-100

The STQ-100 Industrial Shredder gets its excellent reputation from the combined performance capabilities of its standard features and components. This shredder comes complete with a range of high-quality components that work seamlessly together to provide an exceptional shredding experience, including a super-tough construction with easy-maintenance parts, sharp cutting knives, sturdy hex shafts, and a convenient rollout screen design. These features combined produce a heavy-duty industrial shredder with the power, efficiency, and long-lasting performance required to get ahead of the competition and solidify success and profitability for years. No other extra features or components are necessary to make the STQ-100 a complete and highly efficient shredding and recycling solution for your business, so you can start generating revenue as soon as it’s in your facility.

Optional Extras

Shred-Tech® has taken special care to ensure the STQ-100 Industrial Shredder is a complete shredding solution and has all the high-quality features necessary to drive profits and push your business past the competition, however, we even offer optional accessories for the STQ-100 so you can customize your model to perfectly match your own applications and requirements. Complete equipment integration, conveyors, separating components, and more are all available to be added to your shredder to enhance durability, efficiency, and convenience

If you’re looking to raise your STQ-100 off the ground, then adding a custom stand to match your facility can help. Adding a stand can allow enough clearance for shredded material to fall onto downstream equipment like a conveyor, or drop into a container, thus allowing you to keep material flowing smoothly and keep your facility free of debris. For smoother and more efficient in-feeding during the loading process, custom hoppers can be added to the STQ-100. Easily installed, these hoppers feed material smoothly into the shredder and can even be paired with a conveyor or other peripheral equipment of your choosing. Choosing the right hopper for your industrial shredder can help the shredding process remain seamless and without blockages or build-up during in-feeding.

Choose to add an in-feed conveyor, out-feed conveyor, or both to your STQ-100 Industrial Shredder to optimize loading and unloading efficiency and convenience. Operators at your facility can quickly shred large quantities of material thanks to the generous speed of the conveyors as well as the power of the shredder itself. Automating both in-feeding and out-feeding can create the highest possible efficiency for the entire shredding process and improve both workflow and cashflow for your business.

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