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Shred-Tech ST-35

The compact and heavy-duty design of the Shred-Tech® ST-35 Industrial Shredder makes it the ideal solution for businesses seeking a powerful shredding and recycling solution with a smaller footprint. This is a high-performing shredder that is more than capable of rendering bulky loads into scraps with improved ease and efficiency. Designed by our expert engineers, the shredder provides you with excellent shredding power at a cost-competitive price, meaning you can expect an excellent return on your investment thanks to its dependable performance. It features a light-duty throughput of up to one ton per hour, keeping the workflow moving smoothly and helping your business stay on top of the competition.

Engineered to outperform in this competitive industry, the ST-35 Industrial Shredder is designed for shredding confidential documents, data tapes, CDs, medical waste, and much more. Its cutting chamber is specifically designed to accept materials up to 21” x 25” in size. For easier maintenance and greater durability, we’ve included several design refinements that improve the serviceability of the machine, including a cast aluminium body design and bulkhead walls with labyrinth barriers at each end of the cutting chamber that provide excellent bearing and seal protection for higher service factors. Cutting chamber disassembly is simple and quick due to the easily removable sectional cleaning fingers and lightweight chamber plate.

Standard features for the ST-35

The high-quality and durable ST-35 Industrial Shredder is equipped with a number of standard accessories that help enhance its overall performance. This shredder machine utilizes electric gear reduced drives that power each shaft independently for effective delivery of cutting force to each shaft. In addition, this industrial shredder also features incredibly sharp knives, highly durable hex shafts, and user-friendly controls that work together to ensure efficient and reliable performance throughout its serviceable work life.

Optional Extras

In addition to these reliable standard features, we also offer a variety of solid and high-quality optional accessories for the ST-35 Industrial Shredder. These options are engineered by our experts to work flawlessly with the rest of the shredder machine in order to effectively enhance its performance. Our hopper, in-feed conveyor, out-feed conveyor, and stand are all excellent options you can utilize to boost convenience and efficiency. Even more optional accessories are available, and you can learn more about them and how Shred-Tech can create a customized shredding solution for your business by contacting our team today!

Super-tough and handy, our hoppers allow bulky loads to be more easily processed into the shredder thanks to their funnel-like design. This option can be modified to suit your specific application or installation, bringing greater versatility to the shredder and helping to prevent build-up and blockages so the shredding process remains as smooth and fast as possible. Easy to install, the hopper is wide enough to accept a variety of materials, including paper, electronic equipment, medical waste, and more. It is engineered with the durability to withstand daily industry demands, giving you peace of mind that your investment can hold its own for years.

The in-feed conveyor and the out-feed conveyors are both excellent additions to the industrial shredder if you’re looking to automate the loading and unloading processes. While the in-feed conveyor can help keep the material flowing into the shredder, the out-feed conveyor makes sure that the shredded remains of the material are carried away and into a collection bin or reservoir for further use. Both options are designed to ensure that your workflow keeps moving in a steady and efficient manner, and including both can optimize your efficiency and help your operators do their jobs more easily.

With the addition of the stand to your ST-35 Industrial Shredder, you will be able to lift the shredder off the facility floor to create enough clearance for the use of other equipment. This heavy-duty stand is designed to support the entire shredder machine, offering incredible durability and strength. This is an excellent choice when paired with downstream equipment, such as an out-feed conveyor, so shredded materials can fall and be automatically unloaded into a collection bin or container.

Technical Specification

  • Throughput: 1t/hr
  • Size of Material (LxW): 21" x 25"
  • Shred Size/Fraction Size: Strips (Inconsistent)
  • Drive: Electric
  • Number of Motors: 2
  • Knife Thickness: 5/8" / 1/2"
  • Number of Knives: 46/52
  • Knife Diameter: 9.5"
  • Hex Size: 4"
  • Distance Between Shafts: 8"
  • Cutting Chamber (LxW): 21" x 25"
  • Discharge Height: 40"
  • Hopper Height: 44"
  • Application: Plastic
  • Application: Metal
  • Application: Paper
  • Application: E-Waste
  • Application: Medical Waste
  • Application: Textile & Carpet
  • Application: Aluminium
  • Application: General Waste
  • Application: Circuit Boards
  • Shredder Horsepower: 30-55 HP

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